Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ski day!

Here is a picture of my first day on the slopes! Sadly, I took off all of my ski gear before I remembered to take a picture.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some from October!

Catherine caught a ride up to Salt Lake with her roommie for General Conference weekend (Thank you roommie!) We went to dinner during the priesthood session- oh yummy trout for dinner! Aren't Nannette and Catherine the most beautiful sisters! Everytime I see Catherine (which I wish was way more often) I wonder when she grew up and became so beautiful! After dinner we got started making cinnamon rolls for the next morning. Below is the finished product minus frosting! They were huge! And so delicious! Though not quite the same as mom's, but it will do 300 miles away!
We went home for a couple days over fall break. I don't know that I've ever seen a more beautiful Monticello October! I tried to capture it on my camera, but these pictures just don't do the wonder justice!

While we were home I convinced Dad to take us fishing. He didn't seem thrilled when I suggested it, but after a long attempt at fixing the tractor, he gave up and took us. View of Canylonlands from Foy Lake-. I'm pretty sure I come from the most beautiful place in the world!

He caught a fish without bait! "You've got to be kidding me!" -Dad

All our fish!
The end! Love you all!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So one of the benefits of being the youngest was that after you all had gone to college, many of you would show up at some time or anouther unannounced to 'suprise' us. I loved it! My favorite 'suprise' memory had to of been Halloween night when I got home from trick-or-treating, and when I walked through the door, Julianna peeked around it and said "Boo!" So anyway, I decided to pull a 'suprise' for my younger friends here (mostly my cheerios) and mom and dad. They knew it was fall break and they knew I would be coming down with my mar and nan on Friday. What they didnt know is that at last minute I found a ride for Wednesday afternoon (Thanks to my cousin Steven). So, I went straight to the football game and you should have seen those girls face when I walked in at half time. Probably the biggest group hug EVER! I love them, and I had a blast cheering with them and cheering on our team, who faught SOO hard and came up only two points behind Duchesne in over-time. (I know I know "Super Senior") Then after the game, I got my bags, rang the doorbell and when Dad opened the door I just said, hi dad! Then in the background i heard mom say, "You little sneak!" So it wasn't anything epic, but i had alot of fun doing it!
(Also- you all remember 'Class Yells' right, that the cheerleaders do, right?... I got to yell when they called out for Alumni! It felt kinda weird...)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So I was doing pre-Christmas shopping browsing online today. 

They still sell this Barbie.  http://www.walmart.com/ip/Peaches-n-Cream-Barbie-Doll/13278836

It’s the dress that caught my eye, I will never forget it.  (It is the Peaches and Cream Barbie and is like a $45 Barbie now, I had no idea it was such a collectors item).  Anyway, It just made my day.  Also, I am looking at doll houses for my girls, but I am torn do I get them a doll house with fancy furniture and all or just let them keep building make shift doll houses out of the books and book shelves with their doll blankies and the play dishes for sinks and stuff??  It’s mostly just a rhetorical question, because since I spotted Miss Peaches and Cream I have been having memories of make-shift Barbie cities in the basement. 

And because I’m on memory lane a googled Jewels Skipper…awesome. http://www.amazon.com/Barbie-Jewel-Secrets-SKIPPER-Mattel/dp/B000W2H2WU check out that price now. 

Just thought these little things might make you smile they sure made me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just because nobody has posted for a while, and because....

Catherine is the best little sister anyone ever could have!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

BYU Ballroom Dance Concert group date

Group date to the BYU Ballroom Dance Concert. As always it was fantabulous, but not only for us dancing family but everyone on the date had a genuinely good time. First dinner at the Pizza Pie Cafe---a buffet style restaurant.
The concert started off with an Encore performance danced by a significantly large number of alumni members of the ballroom dance team. There were the popular performances such as Pirates of the Carribean and Microgalaxy. They did a fun number to the muppet song "Mahna Mahna" and another song "Kaboom" which Marilyn and I both really liked. Go to Ursula 1000 on youtube to hear "Kaboom." The pastel pink dresses worn by some of the girls at the finale were so pretty. I wanted to wear one.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blue Mountain Triathlon!!!

Here are pictures from the big race! It was so much fun! A little recap: I fell down three times pre-race while I was practicing skiing and now I have a huge bruise on my hip. I only fell down three times during the race and was lapped about midway through my first lap of the ski. The bike was awesome! Dad's road bike was amazing, and so was his helmet! And who knew the hill going to Blanding out of Verdure was so long? The run? Well, my hamstrings have never hurt so bad in my entire life as they did when I first got off the bike and started running! But I did pass about 5-6 people on the run! And the best part was getting the hug from dad at the end! Also, my goal was 3:00 hours, and I cut off 20 minutes and did it in about 2:40, only 1 hour behind the first placer! Big thank you to my fan team - Dad, Mom and Nan, and to Kelly Jensen for lots of pictures and the video!


Nan is thinking, "What could be taking her so long?"

Getting a little snack just before the big hill up the mountain!
She only cried a little!